Our Home Care Coworkers

Messages Of Support From PCAs

Dawn Luciano, home care PCA:

“I’m excited to have a union for PCAs so that PCAs and consumers can both have a better life. With a union, consumers can have better care and PCAs can get better benefits and better pay all around.”

Marjorie Davis, home care PCA:

“We need to lift up the quality of the workplace which will make caregivers more positive in the work they do and improve the quality of care for our consumers.”

Olga Carrera, home care PCA:

“Four years is a long time at one job that has no benefits and no increases. I would like to stay and keep taking care of my client but I need more money to support myself and my mother. We should be able to stand together as PCAs in a union to fix this.

“Other healthcare workers can look forward to better benefits and working conditions. We should be able to stand together as PCAs to do the same.”

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