Our Victories

SEIU Healthcare is more than 500,000 home care workers united across the nation who have won big improvements to our jobs and the care our clients receive.

Home care providers in other states have formed their organization with SEIU Healthcare and not only stopped cuts, but won improvements in wages, benefits, training, and time off.

Here are a few examples of how Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) in other states have come together to protect consumers and improve their jobs by making their voices heard:

California: Stopped budget cuts and won health and dental insurance, vacation time, and pay raises.

Illinois: Stopped budget cuts and won health insurance, pay raises, voluntary trainings, and paid vacations and holidays.

Massachusetts: Stopped budget cuts and won paid sick time and pay raises.

Michigan: Won pay raises and established a registry to get more hours.

Missouri: Won a strong voice for quality home care.

Pennsylvania: Won pay raise, holiday pay and paid time off.

Oregon: Stopped budget cuts and won health and dental insurance, pay raises, and paid time off.

Washington: Won pay raises, paid mileage, health and dental insurance, and the ability to get training on the job.

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