Frequently Asked Questions

When can we vote to unite in an organization, and how does it work?

Once enough PCAs show an interest, we can schedule an election. Each PCA will receive a a secret, secure ballot in the mail.

Why do we need an organization?

Home care workers and clients rely on stable funding for our jobs and care.  With our current budget shortfalls and politicians talking about cuts, it’s more important than ever that we have a strong voice to advocate for our consumers and ourselves.  More than 500,000 home care workers in other states have formed their organization with SEIU Healthcare and not only stopped cuts, but won improvements in wages, benefits, training, and time off.  Now it’s our turn.

Will uniting in an organization change our relationship with our clients?

No.  Home care consumers will still have the power to recruit, hire, train, and if they see necessary fire their providers.

When will we be able to start talking to the state about making improvements?

First we have to show the State that PCAs want to vote for our union.  Then the state will mail ballots and we vote to form the union.  After that we’ll survey and discuss what our priorities are for the first improvements we want to make and then we’ll elect a committee to represent us in discussions with the state.  Then the committee will sit down to begin talking about our priorities with decision makers in Hartford.

Will there be dues?

Until we negotiate and vote to accept our first contract, there are no dues.  After that, we will pay dues to make sure our union can afford to continue to build and advocate for quality home care.  Dues rates are set by a majority vote of the members of District 1199, SEIU, and we’ll have a vote in any changes to our dues rate, too.

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