Now Is The Time To Stand Together

Big news! Personal care attendants in Connecticut have asked the state to hold an election so we can vote to form our union. We are now ready to choose a union to advocate for our consumers and our families.

It’s My Choice: I Choose a Voice

Now is our chance to have a say in our wages, benefits, working conditions and better hours for our consumers. Are you ready to choose a better life for yourself, your family and the people in our care?

Personal care assistant Sandra Prince

Sandra Prince, Hartford home care worker

“More than anything, we need a voice,” said Sandra Prince, a personal care attendant from Hartford, CT. “I feel very blessed because I love my job, but I still need someone to look out for me. Who do I ask for a raise? Who will care for Patricia if I get sick or need a day off? Who do I talk to about getting health insurance? Right now, there is no one for me to talk to about that. I’m making a choice to join the union because I want us to have a voice. Without that, we will never get the respect we deserve for the work we do.”

It’s time to win improvements for Connecticut’s PCAs, their families and consumers. Sign up to join us.

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